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  • Here's my 2 last ice fishing videos for the season enjoy :)

    Fish lake Ice contest

    Strawberry Reservoir
  • Sorry that I've haven't upload videos lately here but here's here's 3 from the past month.

    Ice Fishing Strawberry Reservoir Utah 2/29/2017

    Ice Fishing Scofield Reservoir Utah 3 04 2017

    Ice Fishing Pelican Lake, Utah 3/05/2017

    I've got a few more videos to edit from couple weeks ago one being a short trip to strawberry and the other was my last ice fishing trip for the season and it was at fish lake for an ice fishing contest that I've entered in with being grateful to land in 1st place for catching the biggest lake trout that was 21.5".

    Fly fishing videos should be coming back into action once the weather to decide to be nice but lately on the weekends it's just keeps raining or heavy wind where I was planning to go.

    Thanks for all of love and support :).
  • Just finished this ice fishing video just couple days ago and sadly forgot to post it on here so hope everyone enjoy another fish lake video.

    Wen't last week and all I can say it was one of my best fish lake trips I've made except for loosing an ice rod down the hole by kicking it or fish taking it when I was putting a few jigs away. Best stuff for the day were any color of gitzit tough guy jig and 4" fresh water plastics.

    The is still extremely thick and with another storm I've got a good feeling it's saying for a while.

  • First trip to fish lake this ice season :)

  • Latest ice fishing video finally up and running.

  • So last weekend I end up going to Strawberry reservoir to take my snowmobile out on it's first ice fishing trip. The lake was a good 15-18+" of ice with a good 1-2 ft of fresh powder heaven. Fishing was pretty slow. Only end up catching 3 bear lake cutthroat trout range 17-20" 2 rainbow 17 20.5". One of the rainbows end up weighing 4lb with great red meat. Jig of choice Paddle bug and a custom jig my friend makes. Bites were extremely soft. I even watch the fish taking the jigs but they were more sniffing then hitting the jigs and running for dear life.

    Sunday went to Bear lake with my friend on the East side of the lake and ice was a good 4-6" from close to shore to far out into 83' of water. Cisco were running in water column up to 25' for the most part. I end up getting skunked but my friend manage 5 Cutthroat trout and 1 laker range 17"- 24". This was the first bear lake trip I've got skunked in 4 year.

    I'll try my best to get the Strawberry video upload somewhere this week if I find some time to put it together.

    This coming weekend I'm going to be heading out to fish lake if I get information that the lake is solid for a snowmobile where going to be chasing for pups.
  • i was fishing holmes creek res. on the 16th, had a couple nice bass. Hoping to go after tiger muskies this weekend.
    • What was the biggest bass did you end up with? I've only fished it a few times and only manager a few bg and trout out of there.

      I wish you the best of luck finding some or a tiger. All I can say it's possible. Had a friend caught one during this weekend and it was a hog.
    • I believe he was about 2 pounder, not monster. but fun because the rainbows were being light hitters that day. in summer i have caught some good ones in there.
    • Nice :)
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Team Pond Hopper Nation Utah Fishing - Eric Wiaderny

Eric Wiaderny My name is Eric Wiaderny and I've lived in Utah all of my life. My dad was the first person too take me fishing and the growth for my passion of fishing just keeps growing ever year into what my parents told me that it became an addiction but not any addiction but a diction that keep my mind refreshed every week. The true fishing addicted began when I asked my parents that I wanted a fly rod for Christmas when I was 14. I would watch many youtube videos to learn fly fishing and…

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