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Vibe Sea Ghost 110

Tested out a Vibe Sea Ghost 110 last weekend.  This kayak could be a good starter kayak for someone who is wanting to get into Kayak Fishing but doesn't want to drop $2,000 or more on a kayak.  At $830 you get a nice seat, an installed rudder system with toe controls, an entry level paddle, and a kayak with a lot of other built in features.  This yak is 11 feet long, 33 inches wide, and 62 pounds with a 425 lb rating.  It seems pretty nimble and is actually fairly fast on the water.  This would be a good yak for most rivers, sloughs, small lakes and ponds.  This would also be a good option for a teenager or a wife/girlfriend.

Check it out.

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Pond Hopper Nation's First Twitter Contest!

Pond Hopper Nation will be having it's first Twitter Contest. We will be giving away a Pond Hopper Nation HAT! 

Here is how to enter!

  • Go to our Twitter Page!  Click Here!
  • Find our HAT Contest 
  • Reply with a fishing picture in the comment box.
  • Whoever can get the most likes on their picture comment by Sunday January 5th 2017 will win a Pond Hopper Nation HAT!

Good Luck!

Also make sure to share the post, and follow us on Twitter!

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What an awesome first month for Pond Hopper Nation! As most of you know we launched January 4th 2017, and just like that the month of January has flown by, and today is February 1st!  Here is a brief recap of what all happened in this month, and in the Pond Hopper Nation!  On launch day we had the most visitors throughout the whole month.  That day was insane for two reasons.  Number one the amount of posts that were posted by Pond Hopper Nation, and two the amount of awesome feed back, excitement, and engagement by the fishing community.  Within the first month Pond Hopper Nation either doubled, or tripled it's social media following on all of it's sites.  Most importantly throughout the month of January people were engaged with each other  by sharing fishing stories, planning future fishing trips, teaching people how to fish, and even being there for one another in times of sadness.  The idea behind Pond Hopper Nation is coming to life by bringing all of us people who love fishing together as one big fishing community family! Here are a few other things that happened.  Pond Hopper Nation transformed three state pages into state websites. (California, New York, North Carolina) If you have some time check them out. You can see what direction Pond Hopper Nation is heading with improvements.  Also Pond Hopper Nation has met some great people, and has partnered up with a few organizations and businesses, which you will see some great and positive things come out of it in the near future.  The last thing I will share is that Pond Hopper Nation Store has been a huge success, so if you haven't bought your Pond Hopper Nation T-Shirt, or Hoodie make sure you get one this week. I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for making the idea of Pond Hopper Nation come to life by wanting to be apart.  Look forward to some great things coming in February and later this year. Make sure to SHARE this with all of your fishing friends in hopes it will have a positive impact in someones life!

Have a great day,

Albert Talafuse 

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Pond Hopper Nation Hoodie Giveaway 

Ends January 15th 2017 at 9pm Pacific Time

Pond Hopper Nation's Weekend Contest - This weekend Pond Hopper Nation will be giving away a Pond Hopper Nation Hoodie! It will be a contest to see who has the most Loyal Fishing Friends on Facebook! It's open to everyone. All you have to do is Post Your Favorite Fishing Picture below, and SHARE this post! Must do both to qualify. Whoever can get the most LIKES on their picture by 9pm pacific time on Sunday Night will win!

Just go to our Pond Hopper Nation Facebook Group to participate! Here is a link to get you there quicker!

Click Here

Good Luck!

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Our Big Winners on Launch Day!

Here are the winners to the contest's on Pond Hopper Nation's Launch Day January 4th 2017

The number one state in the country is Maine! - Maine had the most votes with 60, and the Pond Hopper Nation State Representative "The Maine Boys" helped seal the victory! 

They will win a Pond Hopper Nation T-Shirt

Also, since the state of Maine was the winner Aaron Mitchell will receive a Pond Hopper Nation T-Shirt for Participating and pulling for Maine to Win!

Nookie Hookers is the winner of the Catch of the Day contest! This is the picture that won the contest! 

Great Job Travis!

Here are our Random Winners !

Facebook Group - Lisa Cooke, Most creative post!

"Monday ! ? This is like having to wait through a commercial break...aaggghhhh....Charlie Brown"

Pond Hopper Nation Social Network - John Snyder , Writing the first Blog on Launch Day!

You both will win a Pond Hopper Nation T-shirt.

If you are a winner send your address to and we will send your T-shirt out.  You have one week to respond, or you will forfeit your Win! 

Click on the links above to congratulate our winners!

Have a great day,

Albert Talafuse

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A Big Thank You From Pond Hopper Nation!

 Pond Hopper Nation would like to thank everyone who visited and participated throughout the day on our Launch Day! We hope you enjoyed all of the announcements and didn't get to overwhelmed with all the information.  2017 should be an amazing year for Pond Hopper Nation and we want you to be a part of our Family and experience all the excitement as we grow!  We want to say thank you one more time and we hope everyone has a successful and fun year of fishing!

Have a great day,

Albert Talafuse - Creator of Pond Hopper Nation

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Women's Professional Bass Fishing

So often as we tour our wonderful country, we hear people say, "We had no idea there was a women's tour!" Well, there is and we are moving along! In 2017 we start our season out on Texas own Lake Sam Rayburn in March. The event will take place on March 17-18, 2017. The event will take place at the Jackson Hill Marina. There are several events taking place the week and weekend of the event. To find out more, check out the schedule of events at . 

The LBAA is a women's professional bass fishing tour. Our ladies compete in a pro/co format, also a boater/non-boater format. Each pays an entry fee but of different amounts because they are competing for two separate pots of money. They also act as one another's verification of professionalism. Pairs are randomly made for each day of the event so anglers get a chance to fish with a variety of people. This variety offers opportunities for learning new things each time out. 

Who can join and fish! Anyone, male or female can be a member of the LBAA. However, in order to compete in the events, you must be female! For more information, check us out and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Most importantly, please share that there is a women's professional fishing tour! 

The Lady Bass Anglers Association (LBAA) is home to some of the world's best bass anglers. Visit us at a lake near you or at 

Our members are successful in all walks of life, but what brings us together is our love for bass fishing, and our shared desire to offer a professional level of competition, sponsorship engagement, fan support, and development programs for future professional lady bass anglers.

We are committed to providing women with the opportunity to fish professionally while growing the sport of bass fishing, and building our program to ensure the next generation of young lady anglers has even greater opportunity to compete in the sport, obtain sponsorship's, and achieve the highest level of success in our sport.

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Welcome to Pond Hopper Nation!

Good Evening! A lot of hard work has gone into getting this site going and there is still so much work yet to be done! As we open up 2017, we also start the first of many chapters. Please share your photos, comments and requests! 

I do have a request! Please share Pond Hopper Nation through your social media sources. Word of mouth the greatest tool we have available. Let's make this a great place to get and share information.

You can read more about me on my Facebook page (  and more about the Lady Bass Anglers Association ( on our website and Facebook Page.

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Happy to be aboard!

Hey everyone! Glad I came across this site, looks like its going to be a great experience. My kids and I are all species anglers. Fishing has gotten us through some difficult times as a family and I thank God my kids have found a passion for it. We started a YouTube Channel last year and it's been so much fun for all of us. Feel free to share in the experience on our YouTube page,

Looking forward to being a part of the community, watching this site grow and seeing what the new year holds!

Tight Lines!


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Sponsors that care!

 Today we have two really cool sponsors!

Super Nova Fishing Lights and Creek to Peak!

Both of these companies will be sponsoring a couple kids to go to a Pond Hopper Nation Fishing Camp later this year! They both have some awesome products, and they are both really caring companies that want to help people! Send them a message on their website to see what kind of Pond Hopper Nation Discount they have for you! It may save you a few dollars if you see something you like!

Here are their website links!

Super Nova Fishing Lights  -   Creak to Peak

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Below are links to Vote for your favorite Pond Hopper Nation Fishing Team Member! Show them a little love by voting for them, or just vote for your state! Whichever state representative gets the most votes, a random person from their state will be chosen to win an official Pond Hopper Nation T-Shirt! Help us out by sharing this poll with your friends and family on Facebook! Make sure to Join the group to be able to vote! 

We will announce the Winner on Jan. 5th 2017!

Poll One 

Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa

Poll Two 

Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico

Poll Three

New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas

Poll Four

Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin

If your state is not listed we do not have a state representative yet, so if you are interested in representing your state click the link below!

Click Here

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Warning! Please read and share!

To all my friends, family, followers, or anyone who reads this!

On January 4th 2017 I will be launching Pond Hopper Nation ! If you love fishing, or have any interest in fishing check out our website to see what it is all about! I wanted to warn everyone in advance that on launch day I will be posting all throughout the day on all of our social media sites. More posts than normal. I will be announcing people & organizations who are involved with Pond Hopper Nation, and a lot of other cool things!  So if you receive a notification on that day from Pond Hopper Nation check it out and if you like it  share it will all of your friends, and come be a part of the Pond Hopper Nation Family in 2017! There will be a lot of awesome things we will be coming out with this year, and we would love for you to be a part!

Have a great day,

Albert Talafuse 

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Today is the last day of 2016.  New Years Eve!!!  If you turn on the T.V., open the Newspaper, or browse the Web. You will find all kinds of stories being told looking back over the year.  So what I would like to do is reflect back on Pond Hopper Nation over 2016.  I hope you like it!

Pond Hopper Nation - 2016 Year in Review 

Starting in July of 2016 Pond Hopper Nation was just an idea that was set in motion.  It went from an idea in my head to a work in progress with a long road ahead.  August 2nd was when the idea was put from pen to paper. Taking that idea and actually creating something.  At first I was really naive, thinking it would only take a couple months to create Pond Hopper Nation, but soon I would find out about that long road I would have, and that it would take 5 months of developing and just getting the idea from my head to building what you see today. This was Pond Hopper Nation's Phase One Stage.  In Phase One there was the development of all of our Social Media Sites and our Website. Here is the list below!

Pond Hopper Nation Website - Click Here

Pond Hopper Nation Social Media Site - Click Here

Facbook Website Page - Click Here

Facebook Group Page - Click Here

YouTube - Click Here 

Instagram - Click Here

Google Page - Click Here

Pinterest - Click Here

Twitter - Click Here

LinkedIn - Click Here

Also in Phase One there was the recruiting of State Representatives. Part of the idea was to have one state representative per state for Pond Hopper Nation to be represented on our 50 state pages.  Recruiting these guys and gals had a big part in the building of Pond Hopper Nation, because they all have two things in common. They have a love and passion for fishing and they all believe in the idea of Pond Hopper Nation and wanted to be a part, and it really fueled what is being built.  Here is a link to our fishing team page where you can check out who is representing the different states around the country. 

Pond Hopper Nation Fishing Team

Phase One brought Pond Hopper Nation a few partnerships. All of these organizations like the idea of Pond Hopper Nation and wanted to be a part.  

The Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail - Click Here

Kayak Bass Fishing - Click Here

Lady Bass Anglers Association - Click Here

United States Youth Fly Fishing Team - Click Here

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing - Click Here

Last, but not least Pond Hopper Nation has opened it's official store with apparel.

Pond Hopper Nation Store

With all this being said Out with the Old(2016), and in with the New(2017). I am so happy to be done with 2016, and Phase One of the building of Pond Hopper Nation. It was a great and special year, but it is time to move forward into 2017 with great things ahead for Pond Hopper Nation.

I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of Pond Hopper Nation over these past 5 months, and I want to wish you a Happy New Year, and I hope 2017 is filled with lots of great times and much success, and most important, Happiness!

Have a Happy New Years Eve,

Albert Talafuse

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